Education Series


Pageant contestants participate in a 6-week program, where they gain skills to manage or reduce stress, develop or improve resilience, set goals, nurture social circles, apply for college and manage finances. The program aims to help motivate, inspire, and educate, providing lessons and pulling from experiences that are not discussed in a traditional classroom setting. The program extends beyond a physical space and challenges the youth to rise to their fullest potential. The youth that participate in this program will take the skills and experiences learned back to their respective communities and encourage other youth of color to value themselves and appreciate their culture and heritage.


  1. C-CREATE a more sustainable future
  2. E-ELEVATE youth to a level where they have a competitive advantage
  3. O-ORGANIZE a series of seminars that will CREATE a Lasting Impact on students


  1. Financial: By the end of the program students will know how to make a budget and open up a sustainable checking and savings account.
  2. Educational: By the end of the program students have learned strategies and tools to combat negative encounters and challenges in their everyday life.
  3. Personal: By the end of the program students will have written out personal statements and help assist with a community service project.

Created by Desire Marshall


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